Who are we?

We are Legion Ireland – The Roman Military Society of Ireland. Based in Ireland, we are Irelands only living history and re-enactment society dedicated to portraying the Roman Army in the first and second century’s A.D. We portray all aspects of military life including the Legionaries, Auxiliaries, Allies of Rome and even the civilians who were part of the Army and its entourage. We use highly accurate reproductions of the equipment and dress of the first century Imperial Army and drill and display through the use of Latin.

What do we do?

We specialise in bringing history to life for the public through:

Historical Re-enactment

The Roman army was the greatest fighting force of the ancient world. This involved constant training and adaptation. Our re-enactments include:

Gladiatorial Combat Displays


Education is the core of what we do. Our mission is to bring knowledge of the Roman army to the public through all our activities.

Living History

We bring the daily life of the Roman soldier on campaign to life through living history displays. Our living history displays take place in a Roman marching camp complete with a command centre, troop tents and all the accoutrements of a Roman army in the field:

Corporate Events

Legion Ireland offers a number of corporate services. These services vary from team building days, appearances at corporate events and party’s and providing entertainment such as gladiator combat displays. We are very flexible and work closely with our clients to ensure total satisfaction.

Our Clients

Legion Ireland works regularly for the following clients:

Film and TV

Legion Ireland has been in a number of films and documentaries, both in Ireland and the UK. We are available for film or TV work where Roman soldiers, equipment or props are required as we are one of the only Roman groups in Europe that can offer the full spectrum of equipment and soldiers. Productions Include:

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